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Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Compact Digital Camera DSC-RX100

Sony cyber shot rx100
Sony cyber shot rx100

$584.00 $549.99

■ pull out the performance of the lens, newly developed 1.0-inch CMOS sensor
■ newly developed, large-aperture Carl Zeiss “Barrio Sonnar T” lens of F1.8
■ blur nor beautiful by suppressing noise. “Optical image stabilization”
■ Adopt built-in flash pop-up system
■ high-quality aluminum body with extremely sophisticated
■ create a unique work of art “Picture Effects”
■ can panorama photos with one swing the camera “Sweep Panorama”

Includes: Rechargeable battery pack NP- BX1, AC adapter, micro USB cable,
Wrist strap, shoulder strap adapter, other

Product Description

High image quality that exceeds the common sense of compact camera